About Us

At Web Shack, we always aim to pick the very best design and marketing solutions that will deliver business goals and offer the best return on investment for our clients. We bring a tailor-made, bespoke approach to all our projects so that all our sites not only look great but, more importantly, do their job of attracting traffic and converting visitors into customers and enquirers.

We're now in our fifth year as a full service digital agency offering web design, development, marketing and search engine optimization services. We've worked hard and continue to work hard on being up-to-date on technologies and trends but, more importantly, on knowing what works well for different businesses so that we can prioritize the opportunites that will deliver the best results for your budget.

We're confident that our low-overheads set-up, coupled with multi-skilled technical and business expertise and our results-driven focus make Web Shack an ideal choice for your online project, and welcome enquiries from companies and individuals seeking to build a successful web presence.

You'll find us friendly, responsive, straight-talking and business literate. We're into jargon-free, non-technical communication and keep in continual touch with all our clients with new, ideas and opportunities that we think will work well for their businesses.