SEO and Marketing

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization - the process of promoting a website and making alterations to the site's structure, coding and most importantly content in order to improve its position in the results pages generated by search engines for different phrases typed in by their users.

Users of Google and other popular search engines rarely look beyond the first few sites listed. In fact, less than 2% of this vitally important traffic stream look beyond the very first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

As Google has around 90% of the market share for search traffic - with Bing and Yahoo taking most of the remaining 10% - the challenge for SEO consultants like Web Shack is to research, then research some more, so that they can make well-informed decisions about the alterations to a website that will be best received by the complex and closely guarded secret that are the algorithms that Google use to decide the order in which to list websites.

Search Engine Optimization should also be carried out with care and common sense. Google doesn't need to justify or defend its decisions and regularly changes its algorithms if they think there is a way to improve the quality of their results. In Google's ideal world, their automated system of searching, analyzing and indexing the millions of websites on the internet, would generate the same hierarchy of search results that would be chosen by neutral, human visitors - valuing fresh, naturally written, unique, content-rich websites over those that might have attained good positions through plagiarism, spamming, keyword stuffing, link buying and other techniques that may achieve some short term gains but run a very high risk of being heavily penalised by Google. These penalties may range from demotion to outright banning and can be very difficult to recover from.

 Ethical - for good reasons

All our SEO techniques are ethical so that improvements in search ranking are genuine, built on solid foundations, and to ensure that our optimization work adds to and brings out the best from ingredients that need to be in place for any successful website - one that converts visitors into potential customers by demonstrating knowledge, expertise and trustworthiness.

By editing, writing and structuring content so that a website answers questions and provides information that is relevant to search users, along with a range of other techniques, our SEO packages are all designed to deliver solid lasting gains over short term fragile spikes.


Extensive research underpins all our search engine optimization services. Using a range of tools, we can establish how many people search for each potentially relevant search term and assess the level of competition from other websites to devise the best strategic approach for targeting potential traffic sources where there is a realistic chance of making gains in the results pages.

If the competition for the highest volume search term is from websites that are very well established, we may recommend reworking the content on a site to align it with other search terms which enjoy solid search traffic but have less competition.