York Web Design

Through word of mouth and referrals from our existing clients, we have built websites for clients throughout the UK, but the majority of our work comes from start-ups and small businesses in York who have come to Web-Shack, and continue to use our website design services, to promote their businesses online and to sell services and products directly though their websites.

We only begin the actual build once we've listened, asked questions and researched everything we need to know to get a full understanding of the priorities, unique selling points and marketing options that will offer the best fit for your project and budget.

Results First. Technology Second

We build effective, practical and flexible solutions. If you want to generate your own content, we can provide the functionality and framework for you to do so and can offer guidance on writing strong and convincing copy. If that's not something that you're likely to have the time or the inclination to take on, that's fine too. We're very good at writing engaging and clear content that will work well for search engine optimization and convince visitors to go the checkout or enquiries page on your website.

By offering a custom-built service and by starting every website from a blank piece of paper, our websites are free of clutter and you will only be paying for features and functionality that will work best to help you to reach your target audience.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we're supportive. We're surprised by how many of our clients who've already had a site built by other York web design companies and been completely abandoned to sort out issues and bugs via unwieldy and complex administration sytems. Our own content management systems are extremely streamlined and easy to use for adding and editing content and photographs and expanding your website. Anything else, we'll sort.

All our websites are clean, accessible and standards compliant and are throughly tested prior to launch to ensure they'll render the same in different web browsers. All our clients have full access to online, rolling reporting of visitor statistics and other valuable information to verify the performance of their website.